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Jim Clark: Music

Lady Magdalene

(Jim Clark)
September 11, 2003
Words & Music by Jim Clark

I wrote this song around 1977 or 1978 when I was living in Greensboro, NC.  The band I was in at the time, Rough Mix, performed it regularly.  This version was recorded in 2002, with Katy Adams, an original member of Rough Mix, singing the harmony.  That's Mike Hamer, from Greenville, NC, on hammered dulcimer.

Lady Magdalene


There’s a lady in white and she’s dancing in bright

Waves of light and color and the sound of the band

Like a wind from the night sea caresses her skin

And I hope that she sees me and I hope

She keeps dancing that way


            Come Lady Magdalene in Shady Grove salve all our wounds

            No longer children we wait for our lives to unfurl

            Come Lady Magdalene in Shady Grove salve all our wounds

There’s a fish moon in the sky and it’s waving goodbye

To our high companions who stare at the fire

And the air of October is a wine that we share

As the lady is leaving to whom lately

We lost all our hearts


There’s a song in the wind and the trees as they bend

Seem to lend a harmony to that lonesome tune

And too soon comes the night time, and too soon, too soon,

Our faces are fading into darkness

And distance and dream