From the recording I Go by Ways of Rust and Flame

This is considered by many to be Reece's "signature" lyric poem.  Being so brief, it is one of the few I had to take some liberties with in setting it to music; I turned the last four lines into a repeating chorus.  Most of my settings employ Reece's poems word for word; I deliberately chose not to alter Reece's word choice, syntax, etc.
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I Go by Ways of Rust and Flame
I go by ways of rust and flame
Beneath the bent and lonely sky;
Behind me on the ways I came
I see the hedges lying bare,
But neither question nor reply.
A solitary thing am I
Upon the roads of rust and flame
That thin at sunset to the air.
I call upon no word nor name,
And neither question nor reply
But walk alone as all men must
Upon the roads of flame and rust.